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vive la naturaleza a lomos de un caballo

Lecrin Valley and Albuñuelas:
Come to one of the most attractive areas of Granada (Spain)

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Riding Palmali offers:

  • Horse trekkings around Albuñuelas, visiting their mountains and enjoying the panoramic views of de Lecrin Valley and its surroundings.
  • We have our own horser and we offer local guide for thematic routes.
  • We adapt our routes to your requirements and capability.

El Valle de Lecrín

mapa Valle Lecrin en Granada

Mapa Granada y Valle de Lecrín

"a quiet and tranquil backwater amidst orange
and lemon groves.The night air is perfumed with the scent
of jasmine and orange blossom transporting you to
The Land of a Thousand and On Nights"

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